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  1. Vain_Victor
    Buying General rank or Gkits with in-game money. PM me on forums or in game! IGN: Vain_Victor
  2. GangGangLife
  3. MajesticMuffin
  4. MajesticMuffin
  5. Palle
  6. robavio
    Hmmm, isn't that odd.
  7. robavio
    funny how lyf have a auto cannon out side my base when they're not allowed
  8. Sheedow
    Today joined the server! I hope to meet more new peeps ;)
  9. Pureninja14
    Pureninja14 ylti
    why did i get banned i did nothing wrong and i join there faction after they build the base and you said that you would fix the walls and you did so you banned use for no reson
  10. CrazyAssasin29
    Bomb how do u apply for staff
  11. SillyBreeze
    SillyBreeze FzG
    oh look at that, i found the video from 2 mins before you froze me again mhm
    1. FzG
      What drugs are you on?
      Aug 15, 2017
    2. SillyBreeze
      lsd maybe? funny thing is i can upload the ss aswell if really needed
      Aug 15, 2017
    3. SillyBreeze
      you just had to unban me, i got banned twice because off you both false, still i need to pay 20$ on a 25 player based server hu ON WHAT DRUGS ARE YOU GUYS ?
      Aug 15, 2017
  12. SillyBreeze
    SillyBreeze dreamking
    the only staff with a brain here
  13. SillyBreeze
    SillyBreeze FzG
    so trash, no hacked client on my pc, only 2 mods with the name vape, IN MY GOD DAMN MOD FOLDER. still i get banned for the vape client fucking retarded fuck
    1. FzG
      It wasn't in your mods folder. But it was found attacked to your MC in process hacker.
      Aug 15, 2017
    2. SillyBreeze
      2 mods are called vape, because i changed the name off them. now the thing is i recorded the fight i got reported in 2 mins after you froze me
      now the sad thing is no hacked clients where on my pc neither where they found
      Aug 15, 2017
  14. NdubsB
    NdubsB dreamking
    How dumb are u?
  15. SillyBreeze
    SillyBreeze Bomb
    can we have a talk
  16. SillyBreeze
    SillyBreeze FzG
    You shoild be demoted, you don't know shit
  17. yay
  18. puglover1508
    I really like this server, i may donate soon!
  19. Chilly
    I'm Chill
  20. Chilly
    if you want to be good the simple way is to actually get good [100% from a old wise man called Chilly]