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MrTaZathura's Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by MrTaZathura, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Jul 31, 2017
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    ------------------------------------------Personal Info--------------------------------------------------------

    Please state your in-game name
    : MrTaZathura
    How old are you?: 14
    What's your timezone?: EST/ NEWFOUNDLAND

    --------------------------------------------Staff Info------------------------------------------------------------

    Up to how many hours can you contribute a day?: Due to me being in summer camps ATM i cant contribute as much as i would normally as i used too or liked too, after my camp is said and done id be able to contribute 4-9 hours a day, that's confirmed hours but i can sometimes reach around 10-15 hours if things need done.
    Are you familiar with our server/forum rules?: Yes, I've read over them a few times just to be able to fully understand them.
    Do you have Skype?: Yes i do, contact me directly for it :)
    Past experiences as staff [Optional]:
    Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details:
    Yes i have, as much as i would like to lie here, but honesty above everything

    I've been banned for leaving a hacked client on as i test it with my friend to see how they work... (Perm ban)

    I was a tad bit salty one day and used a racial slur to defend my self when someone called me a white boy.. (1 day temp ban)

    Why choose you over the other applicants? [For this response, we expect a minimum of 2 paragraphs]: As normally i'm a happy attitude and can people laugh smile and generally enjoy them self i feel like i can make the server a happier place. I know how to talk to people to make them calm down instead of them being a fire ball of rage. I know how to hand un-bias proper hand outs that have no reason to be appealed. Would i be the best staff member? No, bomb is ;). As normally i can contribute a decent amount of hours i should be able to hand out more hours then the average user, As I'm not prone to writing big documents (Yet) i don't know how to further this endeavor :)

    How would you benefit LevaniaMC?
    : I'm responsible, Understandable, Able to communicate well with others, and i know how to handle a problem with quite a ease. As i moved across the country and had to fit in a whole new environment i feel like i can help other to be like that aswell and make them fit in the server and give them the feeling like they belong (Because they do!!)


    A player is spamming the chat, what would you do?: Warn them first if it persists then you temp mute them
    A player is advertising an ip to his server, what would you do?: Perm Ban them
    Two players are fighting in chat, What would you do?: Tell them to do the /msg command, if they keep arguing in public chat mute them for 15 min, then 30 then an hour etc..
    A player told you to kill yourself, What would you do?: Mute Them for 15 min, if the keep persisting 30 min then and hour and so on
    A player is telling you that a player is hacking, What would you do?: Ask for proof to be submitted to the forums and provide the website address
    A player is threatening to undertake a DDoS towards the server if they are not given OP or staff, what do you do?: Ip Ban Them permanently

    Any additional information you'd like to share?:

    In real life I like to consider myself to be athletic and I enjoy basketball and kickboxing and I have many desires in life and like to pursue goals to the best of my abilities! I really enjoy video games ( As i bet most of you do) and they've been my hobby for a very long time> I am very competitive and I always like to be the best at everything I strive to do