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My application For staff

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by AuntyPhat, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Aug 8, 2017
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    Please state your in-game name: Auntyphat
    How old are you?:16
    What's your timezone?: Gmt

    To begin this application, please answer simple questions regarding server activity and potential qualities you possess that make you stand out and could benefit LevaniaMC

    Up to how many hours can you contribute a day?: All day when i wake up till i sleep, sometimes i play other games but that doesnt take up all my day.
    Are you familiar with our server/forum rules?: Yes i have read them and fully understand them.
    Do you have Skype?: Yes i do.(pm me for it, i also have discord and teamspeak.)
    Past experiences as staff [Optional]: I have been staff on some small servers helping players but no major servers.
    Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details: No i havent because i dont use any sort of cheats.
    Why choose you over the other applicants? [For this response, we expect a minimum of 2 pargraphs]: I would like to become staff as i would like the experience and also i would like to help the players on the server. I would like to help the players because the server seems to have a good base of players and i see it going far in the future.
    I look forward to being able to play this server as it looks good, it isnt pay to win a every player can mine spawners which is the best part so i dont have to spend too much money trying to become good xD. If any staff are ever being needed and i dont get accepted now i will be available whenever. Im hoping to get started and get somewhere in the server.

    How would you benefit LevaniaMC?: Im a chill dude and i can also help out alot as i would be online on the server for long periods of time. If i do get the rank im applying for i will be helpful to everybody who needs it.

    To continue, here are a series of scenarios that could occur on the server and we would like you to respond to. If you are an old, active member, you have probably seen several staff members react differently to the following. We want our staff members to be able to take initiatives depending on the severity of the infraction, which is why we ask you the following. Remember you possess limited permissions that fall under the category of your rank, therefore please answer with adequate punishments.

    A player is spamming the chat, what would you do?: Warn him for spam, if he carries on temp mute.
    A player is advertising an ip to his server, what would you do?: Straight up ban.
    Two players are fighting in chat, What would you do?: Try to calm them down, message them privately.
    A player told you to kill yourself, What would you do?: Warn him, because im not going to ban straight away.
    A player is telling you that a player is hacking, What would you do?: Tp and watch untill i get enough evidence to ban him.(record)
    A player is threatening to undertake a DDoS towards the server if they are not given OP or staff, what do you do?: Private message him saying goodluck and then tempban. Also pm the owner/admin to make sure they know what would be happening if the server did get Ddosed.

    To end this application, we would like to know a bit more about you, your best qualities that could help and be related to LevaniaMC.

    Any additional information you'd like to share?: I can be a bit of a dick sometimes if i don't like somebody but i only don't like somebody if they get on the wrong side of me. Those sides aren't to be crossed and usually don't come out unless i hear something that i think is totally inappropriate.