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TogglingVape Staff application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by TogglingVape, Sep 1, 2017.

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    Sep 1, 2017
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    Please state your in-game name: TogglingVape

    How old are you? :
    I am 13.

    What's your timezone?: est

    Up to how many hours can you contribute a day?:
    I can tribute a lot of my time to the server because I do have alot of time to spend on minecraft, I casually play minecraft around 6-20+ hours A DAY, and there has been multiple times where I have been up for multiple days.

    Are you familiar with our server/forum rules?:
    Yes, I'm very familiar with the forum rules and the server.
    Do you have Skype?: Yes, I do. (If you decide to accept me I will provide that).

    Past experiences as staff [Optional]: I will be providing a list so it will be easier to read off:

    ARSONPVP: ArsonPvP was a HCF server with also kitmap (very similar to kitpvp) the server had reached a lot of maps and it started dying when the server started to reach season 12-15. The server has had a lot of history, a lot of staff, and a lot of players. Overall I started as a helper and worked my way up to admin, but that took me a while to get there. ARSONPVP was ran by HyKurtis.

    SUNRAIDS: I started to play sunraids pretty early and I came into the community really fast, I got helper and then I started to see how the server really was and how they were running stuff. I decided to quit from that server after a week or 2 after being helper and supporting and playing the map.

    DREAMRAIDS: I started pretty early on that server while they still had a lot of people playing it and there was not a lot of donators on the server, I donated to that server and moments later my application got accepted, I logged on the server and I had the rank. I decided to resign from that server after the while when Reko started to abuse and disrespect both players and staff and then I decided to play factions normally instead until I got banned for no reason.

    SINIXPVP: SinixPvP was also a HCF server and it started really early when I become a MANAGER on that server, the server itself never really released so I didn't really get the potentinal to manage the server other than accepting and denying applications on the website it self, and not to forget managing staff on the server.

    CASCADEHCF: CascadeHCF really just explains itself in the name, that was also (Hard Core Factions) and there was a lot to do even just before they released, I was very liked in the team so I got promoted fast to moderator and then I got promoted to admin later in the server. After a while I got recived staff-manager on the server which gave me a lot of responsibility to help others with screensharing and helping others with basic codes in java.

    SPARKHCF: SparkHCF was a server that was pretty known for a bit but then people started to turn against the owners back and started deleting and stealing his plugins for selling it to others servers for money or something else. I became I trial mod and worked my way good until the old manager decided to leave so they had to look for another manager. A lot of people vouched for me has manager and it took a while before the server went into temp close to fix development and financial problems on the server.

    BEDROCKCRAFT: Bedrock craft was a server I owned myself, the server itself grew pretty quickly between the people we were challanging. The server got more and more people on it and it got good developers that wanted to work on the server for free. We merged with another server that had over 40 servers bought so we merged and made a network. The time went on and I decided to close down the server because there was no players (No donations).

    STRAFE: I was staff on which was one of the most popular servers out there when it was open, after some time the server started to develop. The server itself had a lot of people playing (500 players daily) so there was a lot to watch out when you were the only staff members on. I got moderator later on the server and then they decided to merge with the server zonix.

    ZONIX: After I was staff on Strafe they decided to merge Zonix, Vunt started to pick out staff members from strafe to be staff on Zonix, I was one of the people who got the chance to be a staff member on there. The time went and then I had a lot to do in real life so I didn't get the time to moderate on there. I got demoted (With 10 other strafe staff).


    Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details:
    No, I've never been punished with either mutes,kicks or ban on the server.
    I will keep this part updated if I get punished once.

    Why choose you over the other applicants? [For this response, we expect a minimum of 2 pargraphs]: I don't like to put myself over anyone else, but I do have some specialities that have given me an easy road to get promoted on alot of servers with. I am a very Mature, Responible and Professional staff that has had a lot of work to do when it comes to minecraft. I have spent most of my childhood playing minecraft. I have helped a lot of staff members on servers. I will make a small list with more specific things I'm good at.

    - Responsible ~ With this it means I take good care of the server, and if I'm alone on the server I will do my best to take care of everyone that needs my help.
    - Professional ~ With this I mean I abilities to help others when they need it, I don't joke around when it really means ( I have different roles for what it comes to ).

    - Mature ~ With this I mean I don't act like a 10 yearold when someone makes a joke in the chat or someone does something stupid on the staff team that makes them look really bad.

    - Experienced ~ I know how to do most commands on servers (I've made a lot of plugins myself) I can read people in chat and know if there is anything going on.

    - Loyal ~ I am very supportive to anyone that needs my help, I'm open for anyone.

    - Positiv
    e ~ I think bright in the most, I help others if they need me to and I'm usually never mad or negative in the chat or in the staff chat.

    I work fast and I am an effective staff member when it comes to supporting and helping players

    How would you benefit LevaniaMC?:
    I would be able to benefit the server in a very positive way, I'm very good at doing my job, so I would benefit my job by giving/keeping the staff team a good picture for the server, I will make the players want to get support instead of trying to keep everything for themself because none of the staff really don't know what they are doing, I want to avoid that.

    I will be a professional and friendly staff for the server to like and I will be able to teach a lot of the staff on the server how to be a better staff if they need help with that.

    I'm a very active guy so activity would be fine.